Production and Artistic Assistance Ursina Tossi

Since the beginning of 2022 I am working close on the side of Ursina Tossi.

I am assisting her creations and guest performances choreographically as well as in communication matters and regarding access coordination. 


2022 / CosmicBodies – performed in Ballhaus Ost Berlin, Kampnagel Hamburg, Tanzfaktur Köln.

2022 / SwanFate – A queer feministic appropriation of the ballet Swan Lake, performed at Kampnagel Hamburg.

2023 / Hell – performing in Kampnagel Hamburg and Tanzfaktur Köln


Besides social projects and performances I give dance classes which are based on sharing knowledge, creativity and techniques. The horizontal communication, exploration and exchange is important. I am specialised within the styles Physical Dynamics, Modern/Contemporary and (Contact-)Improvisation.


In the context of the project Bloedbanden by the Nederlandse Dans Dagen in Maastricht I developed together with a family a humorous performance which is inspired by the chaotic but lovely life of the family.

Bloedbanden demonstrates the role that dance and movement can have in the connection between different family members and generations. Every family has its own system. The experience of previous generations can determine how a family functions because of ingrained patterns of behaviour. Dance communicates what cannot easily be expressed in words.(…)”


SWEM! Over leven en overleven is an educational family performance of 30 minutes which I created together with four colleagues (third-year-students of Bachelor Dance in Education ArtEZ) at and inside the swimming pool. The performance creates ambiguous/alienated images to trigger the fantasy of the audience to let them create their own journey.

The students got inspired by both the necessity of water in our daily life and the danger that water can cause.


A short video project together with CaDanZ, the selection class of the dansschool MoreMoveZ at Zutphen.
Choreography: Nona Siepmann Dancers: Ilse Koerselman, Sofie Molewijk, Norah Pekel, Laura Ruinemans, Nona Siepmann Filmed and Edited by: Sjoerd van den Berg Fotografie 


Together with the actors of Theater Klare Taal I deepened
my research about the unreserved and impulsive creativity.
By using my interdisciplinary tools of Nokerina as input and
starting point, I was able to approach the fascinating individuality
of the performers. Klare Taal is a theatre group of 14 actors with mental disorder.

In cooperation with Driestroom en ArtEZ Guided by Caro Wicher