Performing the new production „Kipppunkt“ by Theater Titanick in cooperation with Bodytalk

„Between ice floes and mountain peaks, this play raises with elemental force the question of what we hold on to while the world is tilting. Surreal, visually stunning, imaginative and absurdly funny, it deals with one of the most pressing phenomena of our time.“

Showing in Leipzig – 14th June, 22h, Werkstättenstraße 4

Pre-Premiere @FLURSTÜCKE Festival – 26th June, 22h, Stubengasse Münster

Premiere @FLURSTÜCKE Festival – 27th June, 22h, Stubengasse Münster

Workshop at TanzXchange Münster

Teaching an Open Training on the 5th of July with TanzXchange at Theater in der Meerwiese Münster

AMORANGE at the Ecoperformance Film Festival

AMORANGE – An Emotional Illusion in Orange – is part of the Ecoperformance Film Festival and will be shown in Brasil, USA, Argentina, Romania and a streaming in the end of the festival.