Nona Siepmann works as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. In 2020 she graduated at ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, where she studied Dance in Education. After that she danced one year for Fre3Bodies Company Barcelona and is currently freelancing in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. 

Nona is an exuberant creative mind with a lot of curiosity to explore the inner impulses of the human body in relation to other bodies, materials or objects.

She trails a research which involves the exploration of creativity, the experimentation with interdisciplinary elements and the exchange within a collective way of working. Within this research Nona is searching for individual strength and characteristic features. She wants to address those characteristics, make them visible, and use them as an inspiration and starting point.

Her performances are mostly inspired by human (social) patterns of behaviour like daily conformist behaviour, the dealing with social norms and rules, the human treatment of nature, and different realities of small individuals.

The (dance) classes she gives are based on sharing knowledge, creativity and techniques. The horizontal communication, exploration and exchange is important. Nona developed to be a flexible and solution orientated teacher.

On stage she is a lively and energetic dancer specialized within the styles Physical Dynamics, Modern/Contemporary and (Contact-)Improvisation.

In addition to her artistic work, Nona is strong in organising and coordinating on a production level and in the interpersonal sphere.