The Why Not? Kollektiv consists of artists with different positions and approaches in dealing with issues of representation within the field of arts and culture. It is best described as a platform and dynamic laboratory striving to shape a transcultural future embracing diversity. In ever-changing constellations of performers, dancers, musicians, composers, visual artists and media artists, the Why Not? Kollektiv creates hybrid multimedia, performative, and musical works that always offer its audience multiple and multifaceted perspectives on a complex global past, present and future. Within the production Why Not? Party and Why Not? Reality Show, I was working as dancer and choreographer.


With: Romy Schmidt, David Guy Kono, Rasmus Nordholt, Guy Dermosessian, Alexander Hügel, Nona Siepmann, Yung-Ju Tsai, Awa Winkel, Ogra (Habibi Tunis), Eufy, MSF Soundsystem Münster and 30 children and young people from the JugendchorZentrum Münster.

Premiere: 13.12.2019 / 20h
Performance: 14.12.2019 / 20h
Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster


This performance by Charlotte Gillain is about three sisters who are innocently playing home alone. Teasing each other and getting to know the boundaries of playing. How far can you go until it is not funny anymore?

Choreography: Charlotte Gillain
Dancers: Tara Beckendorf, Anneroos Renkema, Nona Siepmann

Presented @ Festival de Oversteek 2017


At Home is a dance performance which reflects on emotional daily scenarios that are taking place at home; including relationships, loneliness, self-reflection and the perception of daily routines. Dynamic acrobatic and breakdance elements are combined with flowing contemporary movements.

Choreography: Bruno de Carvalho and Marcelo Moraes
Dancers: Bruno de Carvalho, Marcelo Moraes, Sun-Ha Hwang, Pia Selders, Frauke
Barfues, Nona Siepmann

Presented @ Tanzspektrum Münster 2015