Within my study, Dance in Education, I developed three solos. In all these pieces I developed a certain character/creature who explores space, different materials and the use of impulsive movements and reactions.

Human behaviour and social conventions are often the origin of my inspiration.

Nokerina is the result of the need to translate the creational processes of my solo work to a general method of working which enables me to work in a similar way with a bigger group of artists.


Nokerina 1 consists of the first explorations to create a performance together with an interdisciplinary group of artists. I started with open art sessions where I developed universal tools to trigger the unreserved and pure creativity as an agreeing base for all the artists, no matter which artistic discipline they come from. The individual art skills, like dancing, playing an instrument, designing and more, are the tools of an artist to be able to express his/her own creativity.

In the end of the process I created a performance based on the outcome of the art sessions together with eight artists.

Concept: Nona Siepmann

Artists: Elena Foster (Dance), Gorik Bellemans (Dance), Marlene Klodwig (Dance), Elsa Steixner (Singing and Acting), Bene Müller (Guitar), Lotta Wessels (Free Artist), Miri Pieps (Free Artist), Ellen Preus (Violin)

Presented @ Festival de Oversteek 2019


Nokerina 2 is the supplemental solo work to the performance Nokerina 3 which is created by an interdisciplinary team of artists. The solo is based on the wish to create a performance with a social or political relevance. The inspiration of this work is the German constitution and cress as representation of artificial nature which humans create in order to feel ‘natural’ and ‘pure’ while depending
on a structural system.

Choreography and Dance: Nona Siepmann


Nokerina 3 is the performative result of my Bachelor Thesis. After developing a method of interdisciplinary working within Nokerina 1, the question was how to create a socio-critical or political performance whereby the audience can experience a reflection on their own daily conformist behaviour patterns.  

To answer that question, I let myself be inspired by the work of Ruppe Koselleck, Augusto Boal and Rimini Protokoll and built up a toolbox to create my own performance.

Together with eleven artists I set up a maze where the audience could experience different perspective of conformist behaviour and gets empowered to make their own conscious choices regarding their acting within the performance as a practise for their daily life.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the work was never presented.

Concept: Nona Siepmann

Dramaturgy: Ari Tezelaar and Nona Siepmann

Artists: Gorik Bellemans (Dance), Justus Berger (Composing), Kim Jäger (Music), Marlene Klodwig (Dance), Omar Salem (Fine Art), Leon Senger (Music), Elsa Steixner (Music and Acting), Ari Tazelaar (Dance and Dramaturgy), Jonas Westendorp (Interaction Design), Eva de Jager (Dance), Sophie Heupnik (Fine Art)